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Green Jobs and Just Transition

Discussion Paper
This paper explores the potential of green employment as a key pillar of the just transition, advocating for a holistic approach that not only accelerates the transition to a green economy but also ensures that this transition is inclusive, just, and beneficial for all.

Setting the Green Standard

Discussion Paper
The European Union is pioneering sustainability through robust regulations and standardization, significantly influencing global norms. This publication explores the EU’s initiatives, challenges, and the potential for international adoption to drive a sustainable shift in product consumption and production.

Bridging Environmental Frameworks Across Borders

Discussion Paper
The EU Taxonomy, central to the Green Deal, emerged from the 2018 “Action Plan on Financing Sustainable Growth.” It classifies sustainable economic activities, providing investment clarity and transparency. While facing challenges, its role in advancing the Green Deal and influencing global sustainability practices is critical. This paper explores its intricacies, lessons, and broader relevance.

Renewable energy sharing among neighbors

Decentralizing energy grids is a crucial step in the transformation towards sustainable energy markets. This paper discusses regulatory frameworks in Europe and the US as examples for energy sharing projects.