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Meat Atlas 2021


There is hardly any other food that pollutes our environment and the climate as badly as meat. However, no government in the world currently has a concept of how meat consumption and production can be significantly reduced. But if the sector continues to grow as it has up to now, almost 360 million tons of meat will be produced and consumed worldwide in 2030. With ecological effects that are hard to imagine.


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SDGs Report Cover

Sustainable Development Goals in Light of the Covid-19 Crisis


The report deals with the 2030 Agenda and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a framework and opportunity to recover from the Covid-19 crisis that has affected the world over the past year. The report focuses on monitoring the implementation of three goals in Israel: Gender Equality, Climate Change and Ending Poverty; and the activities of CSOs in these areas.


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Cover Picture - Skeptic Doves

Skeptic Doves


The essay analyzes how beliefs regarding the feasibility of a solution became the main factor that explains current political disputes over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and why the relative silence of the left’s leaders and the ambivalent messages of the center on the issue further entrench the notion that the two-state solution is obsolete.

Elections in Israel 2021| Böll.Fokus (German)

It was the fourth election in two years and it did not bring any clarity either: Israel is in a political crisis. What's next in the country - with or without Netanyahu? And what roles do the Arab-Palestinian parties play in this?