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Our Foreign and Security Policy program aims to expand the conventional security discourse by incorporating a human security perspective. We facilitate discussions among NGOs, experts, media, and government officials on current regional and security policy issues and create opportunities for addressing and resolving diplomatic and security crises.

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Cover Picture - Skeptic Doves

Skeptic Doves


The essay analyzes how beliefs regarding the feasibility of a solution became the main factor that explains current political disputes over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and why the relative silence of the left’s leaders and the ambivalent messages of the center on the issue further entrench the notion that the two-state solution is obsolete.

Cover Image - Shifting the Paradigm

Shifting the Paradigm


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been waging for decades, in a never-ending cycle of military, economic and social confrontations alongside several reconciliation attempts between the two sides. Looking back at the negotiations over the past three decades, this essay asks the question: What went wrong? Why did the peace process fail and how can these learning help us to reach a sustainable agreement in the future?

Cover - Knocked Out

Knocked Out


During the Netanyahu era, the Israeli left has shrunk considerably and finds itself in a state of paralysis; Israeli right-wing politicians, backed by extra-parliamentary organizations, managed to redefine the Israeli left as traitorous, foreign and anti-Israeli. To understand the success of the smear campaign that drove the leftist political camp to the sidelines of the political game, it is time to discuss the role that the left itself has played in this process.