German-Israeli Forum for Environment and Sustainability

A platform to deliberate the transition to a decarbonized and sustainable society

With climate change being the defining challenge of our generation, threatening to disrupt the ecological system on which we all depend, the German-Israeli Forum for Environment and Sustainability aims to foster exchange of ideas and best practices among professionals from academic and policy communities in Israel and Germany. The platform is a fruit of collaboration between the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Israeli Public Policy Institute (IPPI).

Analysis and Explainers
Events and Workshops
Participants from the Israeli Ministries of Environmental Protection, Energy and Transportation at the experts' workshop organized by IPPI and hbs at the Bank of Israel
Experts' Workshop on the strategies to foster clean technologies in Israel organized by Fellow Dr. Diana Süsser
Experts' workshop on a carbon pricing strategy for Israel at the Bank of Israel
Experts' workshop with Fellow Dr. Felix Creutzig on the potential of an integrated data platform to drive sustainability in urban centers
Fellowship Program
Dr. David Dunetz presents his research on the potential of citizen assemblies as part of the effort to address climate change
Fellow Rafael Fleischman presents his research conducted on the potential of electric vehicle batteries to store renewable energy
Dr. Felix Creutzig presenting his research on the potential and viability of an Integrated Data Platform that was carried out during his Fellowship in Israel
Fellow Diana Süsser presents her research on ways to foster the Israeli cleantech ecosystem
Public event on fair street space allocation - Perspectives from Berlin and Tel Aviv with Fellow Dr. Felix Creutzig and Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv Meital Lehavi
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Both in Germany and internationally, the debate on the pricing of greenhouse gas emissions is experiencing a renaissance. However, an enlightened and realistic discussion of ways and means is needed so that CO2 pricing instruments can play a stronger role in climate policy. In this study, climate and energy expert Felix Chr. Matthes of the Öko-Institut examines the relevant elements of a CO2 pricing strategy. He gives an overview of design criteria and mechanisms of action.