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Green Jobs and Just Transition

The Role of Green Employment in Advancing a Sustainable Future
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Executive Summary

The climate crisis urgently calls for collaborative action from governments, local authorities, the private sector, and civil society worldwide to transition towards sustainable and low-carbon economies. At the core of this complex transformation, which spans socio-economic and political realms and requires widespread acceptance, lies the principle of a ‘just transition’. This principle, centered on inclusivity, is designed to ensure a comprehensive approach to sustainability so that it addresses existing social disparities. It seeks to guarantee that the shift towards environmentally sustainable practices is also socially equitable, thereby benefiting all segments of society and ensuring no individual or community is “left behind”.

The development of the green job sector is recognized as a crucial element in advancing global decarbonization efforts under the framework of a ‘just transition’ as it not only facilitates the shift to low-carbon economies but also enhances socioeconomic resilience. It provides a dual pathway for addressing the challenges of climate change while advancing social equity, embodying a holistic approach to sustainable development.

The success seen in countries with supportive programs for green jobs underscores the potential for harmonizing economic development with environmental stewardship. This presents policymakers worldwide with a genuine opportunity to design a transition to a greener economy that not only addresses the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation, but also cultivates inclusive, prosperous societies with aligned socio-economic objectives.

This paper explores the potential of green employment as a key pillar of the just transition, advocating for a holistic approach that not only accelerates the transition to a green economy but also ensures that this transition is inclusive, just, and beneficial for all.

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