Discussion Paper

German and Israeli Cities at the Intersection of Tech Innovation and Decarbonization

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The role of cities in shaping and driving the decarbonization process is growing, as municipalities are increasingly implementing policies and technologies that support the transition to a low-carbon economy. Cities are leading the shift to sustainable energy consumption and production, reducing emissions from urban and national transportation fleets, and adopting “smart” technologies and other innovative measures to efficiently use and manage resources. Forerunner cities deserve special attention in this regard, as they may shed light on the capabilities and limitations of cities in a given political system.

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Date of Publication
Oct 14, 2020
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DOI: 10.2312/iass.2020.042
Table of contents

1. Executive Summary 5
2. Research Rationale 9
3. Methodology 11
4. Findings 13
4.1. Prioritization of Tech Innovation 13
4.1.1. Decarbonization Measures and Tech
Innovation in the Different Cities 13
4.1.2. The Challenge Ahead: Urban Development 16
4.1.3. Drivers of Tech-Innovation: Central Government 19
4.2. Emphasis on Electric Mobility 20
4.3. Political Gaps Between Central and Municipal Levels 23
5. Policy Recommendations 26
6. Conclusions 29
7. Endnotes 31