Pro-Israel und antisemitisch – viele rechtsextreme Parteien in Europa scheinen darin keinen Widerspruch zu sehen. Im Zuge ihrer anti-muslimischen Propaganda geben sich Populisten wie Geert Wilders und Viktor Orban pro-Israelisch, während in den Reihen ihrer Parteien Antisemiten sitzen. Wo israelische Flaggen geschwenkt werden, kommt es zu Verharmlosungen des Holocaust. Ein Dilemma für die israelische Regierung, die ihre Beziehungen zu Europas Rechten in Anbetracht deren jüngster Erfolge und Relevanz nun neu überlegt. Die anstehenden Präsidentschaftswahlen in Frankreich verleihen dem Dilemma höchste Brisanz.

Latest publication

The report – a joint publication of Ir Amim and Peace Now – focuses on the rapid escalation of private settlement activity in the heart of Batan al-Hawa, a Palestinian community in Silwan, located just outside the Old City walls within clear sight of Al-Aqsa. Batan al-Hawa is now the site of the largest attempted settler takeover in East Jerusalem, representing not only the large-scale displacement of an entire community but also the complicity of the Israeli government in facilitating private settlement in the Historic Basin. 


Environment and Sustainability

Multi-sector partnerships have gained greatly in legitimacy and popularity in Israel over the last few years. It is widely acknowledged today that in order to create comprehensive change on the ground, it is beneficial to bring different stake holders coming from different interests and strengths to the table. In 2015, The Heinrich Boell Foundation initiated a cooperation with the Heschel Center for Sustainability called, "Stepping Up Sustainability in Israeli Cities" with the aim of creating a "think and do" platform for cities, businesses and civil society that would work together to advance municipal sustainability goals. One of the initial goals was to learn from German best practices in the field. A multi-sector forum was established that traveled to southern Germany, meeting with initiatives in three cities, thanks to the support from The Goethe Institute as part of the 50th Anniversary of German - Israeli diplomatic relations. Heschel Center program coordinator and Director of the Center for Local Sustainablity, Ms. Lorit Lebovitz, conducted research that examined case studies from Germany, Israel and the United States and outlined various models of multi-sector collaboration. 

At the UN’s COP 22 climate conference in Marrakech, the international community closed ranks despite (or perhaps because of?) the election of Donald Trump as the next U.S. president. 


The UN summit in Marrakech is the next step for operationalizing the Paris Agreement. Controversial issues e.g. damages caused by climate change and financing for the poor countries are on the table


Gender and Democracy

Over recent decades, Israel has become a target destination for tens of thousands of migrants: asylum seekers1 fleeing wars, massacres, and oppressive regimes and migrant workers seeking to improve their standard of living. Israeli law permits the detention of any person who does not have status in Israel, provided that the detention is not for a punitive purpose, but serves as a tool intended to enable removal.  


Governments around the world are taking draconian steps to suppress civil-society organizations, with measures ranging from restrictive laws and bureaucratic burdens to smear campaigns and censorship.

This report aims to be one of the first comprehensive reports that monitors the conditions of migrant detention centers in Israel. As the laws around detention have only grown stricter in recent years, it is not out of the realm of possibility that detention will continue to be a major tool in the Israeli government’s policy towards migrant-workers and asylum-seekers. 

Foreign and regional security policy


The Israeli leadership and public are not excited about the upcoming Paris Mideast peace summit on Sunday. What does the nearly unanimous skepticism mean for the viability of the two-state solution?


Trump wird einen Paradigmenwechsel in der amerikanischen Politik gegenüber dem Nahen Osten einleiten. Das ist für Israel keine positive Entwickung. 


Israel’s prime minister is fighting hard to weaken the most important moderate force in his country. Which is why he’s going to be a big problem for the next U.S. president. 

German-Israeli Dialogue


Die deutsch-israelischen Literaturtage sollen die Entwicklung von Kultur und Politik beider Länder im Spiegel der Literatur reflektieren. 

In the past few weeks Israelis and Palestinians are facing increased violence. What are the reasons behind this new round of escalation? Have a look at the short movie from our latest discussion.  

This dossier highlights various aspects of change and continuity in U.S.- Israeli relations. The articles address the current diplomatic storm in U.S.-Israeli relations, the changes underway in the Jewish-American community, identity politics and approaches to diversity in the U.S. and Israel, as well as the successes and failures of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) activists.


The Heinrich Boell Stiftung (HBS) is the German green foundation affiliated with the German Green Party. We are a non-profit organization striving to promote environmental justice and sustainable development, gender equality and human rights and to enhance democracy. In addition, we work to promote German-Israeli dialogue and seek to make a contribution in the fields of foreign and security policy. With headquarters in Berlin, Germany, the HBS has 30 offices worldwide and cooperates with local partners in more than 60 countries. 

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