Climate Change

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A World of Plastic

Plastic Atlas

What’s the connection between the oil industry, climate change and plastic? How does plastic impact women’s health? Why can’t recycling solve the problem with plastic?

Leaving No One Behind Image

Leaving No One Behind

Discussion Paper

The paper aims to provide decision makers and experts with tangible findings and insights on which segments of the population in Israel might be negatively impacted by a carbon pricing reform. How can the socially unbalanced outcomes be addressed during the planning process?

Making Smart Mobility Sustainable Image

Making Smart Mobility Sustainable

Discussion Paper

A comprehensive assessment of the environmental effects of different shared mobility options. How can shared mobility be effectively designed in order to contribute to achieving low-carbon mobility?

Climate Justice and Migratio

Climate Justice and Migration


The publication offers perspectives on the complex relationships between climate change and migration and questions pessimistic basic assumptions on security issues and supposedly necessary (market-oriented) adaptation measures, which currently predominate in the political debates on the topic.

Accelerating Cleantech Commercialization in Israel

Accelerating the Commercialization of Cleantech in Israel

Discussion Paper

In Israel various sustainable technologies are invented, only few break through - reflecting a common problem: getting cleantech from the lab to the market.