Women Waging Peace

Women Waging Peace

Living in the shadow of a violent conflict keeps security at the top of the national agenda, pushing aside equally important issues such as health, transportation, welfare, infrastructure and education. When the discussion is dominated by the security establishment, solutions for prevention, retaliation and even negotiation remain within the confines of military thought, and decision-making gets stuck in a rut. Creative thinking is not allowed in and discourse becomes automatic. Decisions are based on expert assessments that are all forged in the same breeding ground. Against this background, Women Waging Peace championed two goals: promoting a respectful agreement to end the conflict and increased participation of women in foreign and security policy-making in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 1325. 

Handbook of Organizational Gender Consultation and Intervention

The Handbook of Organizational Gender Consultation and Intervention, published in 2019 by the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, is the first guide of its kind. Its aim is to provide a professional toolbox for men and women operating as agents of gender equality in modern organizations, either formally (appointees, consultants, and individuals responsible for equal opportunity and gender equality) or informally (as feminists aiming to promote change in the organization or in their institutional field).

From Gendered Practice to Practice of Equality A Field Guide

The purpose of this field guide is to present the Gender Equality in Action intervention model, its rationale and assumptions, in order to provide a common language and knowledge base for action. The intervention model is based on experience accumulated over the last years from a number of diverse groups operating as part of the program, and on case studies and research literature.