The Rise and Fall of the Israeli Peace Camp

The Rise of the Israeli Peace Camp

The Israeli Peace Camp: Rise, Heyday and Decline (1967-2000)
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While peace initiatives have always been part of Israel’s political landscape, they have varied widely in the form and intensity of their dynamics, significance for the public debate and impact over the years. Diverse movements, networks, groups and alliances have been created to nurture Israeli-Palestinian relations as part of an effort to bring an end to the conflict and putting a stop to the enmity, violence and injustices it entails. This broad assortment of initiatives has come to be loosely known as the Israeli peace camp. In the past few decades, this camp has attained notable achievements yet also faced considerable setbacks. This essay reviews the history of the peace camp in the period 1967-2000 and draws conclusion on what is needed for peace activism to succeed.

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