A Multistakeholder Approach to Fight Disinformation and Online Political Manipulation
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Disrupted Democracies

A Multistakeholder Approach to Fight Disinformation and Online Political Manipulation
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This policy paper departs from the straightforward observation that the public debate in countries across the globe is gradually shifting from the offline “town square” to the online sphere, where polarization and false information often shape (and radicalize) political views. Manipulation using disinformation as a strategy might serve political and financial interests of actors bent on influencing citizens’ perceptions in key moments such as elections and national political discussions, effectively disrupting democratic systems, both domestically and abroad.

Against this backdrop, this paper explores the information gap between the tech companies, regulators and civil society, arguing that the online platforms alone cannot provide the answer to the complex phenomenon of online manipulation. The paper draws on questions of regulation with a focus on the European legislative debate, emphasizing the need to promote a multi-stakeholder approach as a way to increase societal resilience to disinformation and effectively consolidate democratic foundations to withstand emerging online threats in the future.

As a way forward the paper presents recommendations for policymakers, civil society organizations and tech companies.

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January 2021
Israel Public Policy Institute (IPPI)
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Table of contents

Executive Summary 

01 Introduction

02 The Online Public Sphere

03 Can Tech Companies Alone Provide the Answers ? 

04 Framing the Regulation Debate 

     4.1 European Debate: The Digital Services Act and the European Democracy Action Plan 

05 Role of Civil Society and Research Institutions 

06 Policy Recommendations and Next Steps