Gender and Environment

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A World of Plastic

Published: 8 July 2020
Plastic Atlas

What’s the connection between the oil industry, climate change and plastic? How does plastic impact women’s health? Why can’t recycling solve the problem with plastic?


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Climate Justice and Migratio

Climate Justice and Migration

Published: 7 December 2020

The publication offers perspectives on the complex relationships between climate change and migration and questions pessimistic basic assumptions on security issues and supposedly necessary (market-oriented) adaptation measures, which currently predominate in the political debates on the topic.

Women and Environmental Health

Published: 16 March 2012

We are happy to present a groundbreaking report on Women and Environmental Health in Israel written by our partner Ella Nave of the Coaloition of Public Health

The Future We Want – A Feminist Perspective

Published: 1 January 2012

The Future We Want – the motto chosen by the UN in the run-up to the June 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) – is certainly forward-looking. Expectations are higher than ever: Rio+20 is supposed to be the great historic opportunity to define routes towards a safer, fairer, greener, and cleaner world. The focus of the Rio de Janeiro conference is to be the principle of a “green economy” as a way out of the global crises of climate, food, and poverty.