Marine Cornelis
Marine Cornelis

Marine Cornelis is the executive director and founder of Next Energy Consumer, a policy
consultancy focused on the social aspects of the energy and climate transitions at
European and international levels. Her work bridges the needs and experience of civil
society, scientific communities, business and policymakers, in the energy and climate
transitions. Her commitment enabled Marine to be appointed one of the first ambassadors
of the European Climate Pact. 
Before Next Energy Consumer, Marine served as the Secretary-General of NEON, the
European network of energy dispute resolution services and ombudsmen in Brussels. For
the past 12 years, she has been focusing her work on consumer protection and
empowerment issues.  Marine is a French national with perfect command of English and
Italian. She holds a MA in political sciences (Sciences Po Lille, France) and economics
(University of Lille, France). More information about her activities and projects can be
found on her website: