Hili Greenfeld

Hili Greenfeld (1981) lives and works in Tel Aviv. She holds her BFA (2013) and MFA from Bezalel College, where she also received the Presser Prize (2007). She studied at Slade School of Fine Arts in London, in the Literature Faculty at Tel Aviv University (2010) and the Alma College as a Fellow (2008-2009). Her works have been presented at solo exhibitions in Israel, Nederlands, Slovenia, and in England; and have been in numerous group exhibitions in Israel and internationally. Greenfield has won a large number of grants for her work and exhibitions, among them from the Rabinowitz Foundation and from Asylum Arts. In 2016 and 2018 she won the art-teacher’s prize. Greenfield was chosen to participate in several art residency programs and workshops: Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore on behalf of Bezalel College (2012); the visiting artist program in Ljubljana representing the Digital Arts Center, where she present a solo exhibition (2016); and a residency in the Bradwolff Projects, Amsterdam (2019). Greenfeld also curates exhibitions for colleagues in whose works she is interested in conducting a dialogue.

About the work

“The Castle” is part of the “Restorated Paintings” series dealing with memory and the relationship between surfaces and what lies below them. Using a cyclic action of destruction and reconstruction, the painting represents the passage of time and attempts to capture the past’s formation. The layered surface serves as a kind of archeological remnant to the creative process and contains textures, layers, markers and collages. The abstract touches on the figurative, the painting becomes a collage photograph attached to the object, and so on, forming remnants and remains, the sources of which cannot be reconstrued. The described vista arouses a misleading sense of simultaneously familiar and foreign, memory or dream, where consciousness has visited in the past but the mind grasps at defining what that precise place is.

The Castle, 2014Pastel, oil and collage on wood, 70X90 cm
Hili Greenfeld, The Castle, 2014, Pastel, oil and collage on wood, 70X90 cm
Hili Greenfeld, Untitled, 2016 Oil, collage and graphite on canvas, 30X40 cm
Hili Greenfeld, Untitled, 2016, Oil, collage and graphite on canvas, 30X40 cm

Artist’s website: https://www.hiligreenfeld.com/