Elections in Israel

Israelis are going to the polls on April 9th, 2019 to elect the 21st Knesset

After having survived several coalition crises, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's fourth government, which was in office since May 2015, disbanded in December 2018 and new elections were announced to take place on April 9th, 2019. 

The upcoming elections for the 21st Knesset mark the ninth time in a row in which early elections are held in Israel, i.e. prior to completing a full four-year legislative period. The official reason stated for disbanding the parliament and calling for new elections was the government's inability to obtain a majority to bring forward legislation that would tackle the issue of military service of the ultra orthodox community in Israel.

The current elections are being held in the shadow of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's corruption allegations. Prime Minister Netanyahu has led three consecutive governments since coming to power in 2009 (in addition to a serving as Prime Minister between 1996-1999).

On April 9th, an all time record of 42 lists will be competing for the Israeli voters' hearts and minds. However, the current elevated electoral threshold introduces uncertainty about the chances of a number of parties joining the Knesset this time around.

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