Kerstin Müller Has Been Appointed the Next Director of the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s Israel office - German-Israeli Relations

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April 15, 2013

Kerstin Müller, Spokesperson on Foreign Policy for Alliance
90/The Greens in the German Bundestag, will become the next Director of the
Heinrich Böll Foundation’s office in Israel at the end of 2013.

“We are very glad that Kerstin Müller will bring her
extensive experience and knowledge into her new task, says Ralf Fücks,
Co-President of the Foundation. ”Her longtime involvement in German-Israeli
relations and the Middle East peace process make her an ideal representative
for the Foundation in Tel Aviv. This is a promising development that will continue
strengthening our work and presence in Israel.”

At the end of this legislative term, Kerstin Müller will conclude
her career of many years as a Member of the German Bundestag. In the second
term of the red-green government coalition from 2002-2005, Kerstin Müller was Deputy Foreign
Minister of Germany.
The Middle East, and especially Israel, have been the focus of her work over
many years. In countless visits to the region, she built a beoad network of
personal and political contacts.

"Marc Berthold, who has been the Director of our office for
the last three years, will return to Germany at his own request for personal
reasons. We thank him wholeheartedly for his outstanding work, which has led to
new partnerships and networks and has greatly enhanced the public visibility of our
presence in Israel", said Ralf Fücks.