Our Staff

Steffen Hagemann

Head of Office

Dr. Steffen Hagemann joined the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation Tel Aviv – Israel as Head of Office in December 2018. Prior to joining the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation Steffen worked as an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern. He received his Diploma and his PhD from the Free University Berlin, where he specialized in Peace and Conflict Studies and International Relations. He has spent time at the University Tel Aviv and as a visiting fellow at the Bucerius Institute for Research of Contemporary German History and Society. The Middle East, and especially Israel, have been the focus of his work over many years. In addition, Steffen has written articles and books on emotions in politics, German-Israeli relations and US foreign policy in the Middle East.


Elisheva Gilad

Deputy Director and Program Coordinator

Elisheva Gilad coordinates the foundation's work within the issue area of Environment and Sustainability. From 2007-2013, she additionally coordinated the program area of Civil Society and Democracy. Born and raised in the United States, she has lived in Israel for over thirty years. She holds a masters degree in Intercultural Relations from Lesley University (USA) with a focus on Jewish-Arab relations in Israel. She has worked for many years in the field of Jewish-Arab dialogue and shared society. Her professional background includes facilitation and curriculum development, strategic planning, resource and program development and resource development consulting. Her responsibilities involve the development and management of the environment component in addition to monitoring and evaluating projects, coordinating diverse stakeholder fora and cooperations and representing the foundation at events and conferences.


Romy Shapira

Program Coordinator

Romy Shapira coordinates the foundation's work in the issue areas of Gender and Democracy. Prior to joining HBF, she served as the first coordinator of the International Women’s Commission (IWC) for a Just and Sustainable Palestinian-Israeli Peace, where she later became a board member. She has extensive experience in program development, strategic planning, project coordination and group facilitation.  Ms. Shapira is deeply committed to social change initiatives in Israel and has worked and served on boards of organizations such as the Hotline for Migrant Workers, The Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Museum on the Seam, Turning the Tables and more. Romy holds a Bachelors degree in Economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a Masters degree in Sociology and Anthropology from Tel-Aviv University, and is currently a PhD student at Tel Aviv University’s school of Environmental Studies.

Oz Aruch

Program Director

Oz Aruch manages the foundation's work within the issue areas of Foreign and Seucrity Policy & German-Israeli Dialogue. Prior to joining the Heinrich Böll Foundation, he worked at the German Institute for Global and Area studies in Hamburg (GIGA) and as a Parliamentary Assistant to the Chairman of the German-Israeli Parliamentary Group at the German Bundestag. Oz received an MPhil in International Relations from the University of Cambridge, where he conducted research on Germany's foreign policy towards the Middle East and a BA in Philosophy and Social and Cultural Anthropology from the Freie Universitaet Berlin. 


Baruch Baruchi

Finance Coordinator

Baruch Baruchi serves as the Finance Coordinator of the foundation. His responsibilities include the financial and accounting aspects of the foundation in Israel. Prior to joining the HBS, Baruch served as regional finance manager at Netafim (a global leading irrigation company), as a senior consultant in the transaction advisory services of Ernst&Young and as an outsourcing finance consultant for several companies and NGOs. Baruch is a certified public accountant and holds a Bachelors degree in Economics & Accounting from Bar-Ilan University.


Who we are

Fostering democracy and upholding human rights, taking action to prevent the destruction of the global ecosystem, advancing equality between women and men, securing peace through con­ flict prevention in crisis zones, and defending the freedom of individuals against excessive state and economic power – these are the objectives that drive the ideas and actions of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. We maintain close ties to the German Green Party (Alliance 90/The Greens) and as a think tank for green visions and projects, we are part of an international net­work encompassing well over 100 partner projects in approxi­mately 60 countries.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation works independently and nurtures a spirit of intellectual openness. We maintain a world­ wide network with currently 30 international offices. We co­operate closely with 16 state-level Böll Foundations in each of Germany’s federal states, and we support talented, socio-politi­cally engaged undergraduate and graduate students in Germany and abroad.

We gladly follow Heinrich Böll’s exhortation for citizens to get involved in politics, and we want to inspire others to do the same.

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