German-Israeli Dialogue

Polens Politik der Erinnerung

Eine polnische Gesetzesnovelle sorgt international für Aufregung. Das Gesetz, das den Ruf Polens schützen will, legt strafrechtliche Verfolgung fest, sollte „öffentlich und entgegen der Fakten behauptet werden, dass die polnische Nation oder die Republik Polen verantwortlich oder mitverantwortlich für Nazi-Verbrechen“ ist. Der Strafbestand greift dann nicht, wenn er im Rahmen akademischer oder künstlerischer Tätigkeiten begangen wurde. Unter anderem soll damit die Rede von „polnischen Todeslagern” unterbunden werden.

By Lisa Bertel

German-Israeli Perspectives on Utopia

Between the 4th and 6th of December 2017, a group of authors from Israel and Germany will be gathering for the first major event after the opening of the Utopia Festival. During a closed workshop, the authors from both countries will lead a discussion on the theme of utopia / dystopia. Afterwards we invite the audience to two public podium discussions in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to get to know the authors, to ask questions and participate in the discussion.

Two States - One State - No State?

In the past few weeks Israelis and Palestinians are facing increased violence. What are the reasons behind this new round of escalation? Have a look at the short movie from our latest discussion.  

A Progressive Response to BDS

Those convinced that Israel should not have been created in the first place, are entitled to their opinion. They must come clean about seeking a post-Israel endgame. An essay by Prof. Dan Rabinowitz

Tough Love? The Future of U.S.-Israel Relations


This dossier highlights various aspects of change and continuity in U.S.- Israeli relations. The articles address the current diplomatic storm in U.S.-Israeli relations, the changes underway in the Jewish-American community, identity politics and approaches to diversity in the U.S. and Israel, as well as the successes and failures of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) activists.

What we want

The German-Israeli dialogue Program is set up to contribute to a strong German-Israeli relationship that is based on a realistic perception and mutual understanding of the past as well as present. It works towards the benefit of shared democratic values in both countries, bringing together opinion leaders from Israel and Germany from the fields of politics, academia and the media, civil society and art.
The activities (conferences, workshops, roundtable discussions, festivals, publications) are conducted to provide a deeper understanding of the challenges both countries face as modern societies and nation states, such as dealing with citizenship and belonging in a multicultural society. Moreover it aims to identify elements from experiences of reconciliation and conflict resolution from Europe for possible joint contributions to local conflict resolution.

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